Thomas Ross Hallock

Austin Tuesday Nighter!!

After waiting patiently for the time to change back to where it should be, the Tuesday nighters have returned to Austin. I love these races are great for weekly training because: they are free: there are no officials, so you can jump in the field late if you don’t get there on time, and no-one calls you stupid if you decide to pull the pack around the whole race and get dropped at the sprint… and no-one complains if you want to sit in until the sprint.

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Coldspring 2005

Though Coldspring was not officially on the FCS / Compliance Depot cycling team’s calendar, I made the decision to race this event in order to lessen my 7:10 ratio of mechanical’ed races to races attpmeted this season. My primary objective for this race was to judge my fitness during this time of the year compared to previous seasons. After two weeks of “racing vacation” since Fayetteville, I was ready to go again.

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2004 Texas State Championship Road Race

I found this old e-mail Steen sent to the race team back in July:

On Jul 29, 2004, at 6:12 PM, Steen Rose wrote:

The State Road Race, October 10th, is my big goal for the fall. I am going to win it. I was 7th there last year, on the same course. It’s late in the year, and its long and hard, but I’m going to show up to win.

…and remember thinking that it seemed a little bit pretentious. A friend of mine later reminded me that it’s only pretentious if the claim isn’t fulfilled. :)

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East Texas Hills Classic

On a 95 mile course, the there is usually an unspoken consensus among the pack to “take it easy” for the first ten to twenty miles. Afterwards, things generally start to pick up. Of course there are always those few brave (naive?) riders who attempt to establish an early break in hopes a group might eventually bridge up to make their efforts worth while in the end. Such was the case with Jason Sager and Max Miley in this race. With Sager firing the first shots, the two were quickly out of sight while the pack carelessly conserved their energy for later in the race.

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Proving Grounds Road Race

A small group got up the road almost from the gun.
A larger group bridged up them and formed a strong break of 19 that began putting serious time on the peleton.
The main pack stayed together and was calm for the first 3/4 of the race, every once and a while, a small group would get up the road and either fall back or dangle out in no-man’s land.
Steen attacked shortly after the feed zone and was followed by one other rider.

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