Thomas Ross Hallock

730 N. Oak Park Ave

Antonia, Sonia I are currently renovating a house in Oak Park, IL that we purchased in mid-July. Our expected move-in date is 1-October. We did not have a solid renovation plan when we purchased it, but it was apparent that it would be much easier to take care of a few things before moving in:

* bring the electrical work up to code
* repair the south foundation wall that was leaning
* re-finish the wood floors

The hot and humid weather made the house feel particularly unwelcome, so we we decided to add two more large (and value-adding) projects to the pre-move-in list:

* central air conditioning
* proper insulation

As of now the air conditioning, electrical, and insulation work are nearly complete, but now our walls have many, many large and small holes in them. So one more large project gets added to the list:
* patching

With four weeks to go, we might actually hit that 1-October move-in date. There are a few minor projects as well, but they aren’t blocking the move-in:

* repair the failed leaded glass windows
* get the outside gas grill working

Oh, and since the house sits on a 0.6 acre lot that appears to have been neglected for about a decade, we’re going to be giving that a lot of attention as well, when practical.

We’ve been taking lots of pictures and will share them here when they fit the context of the post.

Lots more to come!

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