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Infinity scrolling on the main page keeps the page loading quickly white allowing seamless access to older posts.

The forum harbors a community of staff economists, strategists, and clients. Economists and strategists make posts, and anyone with access can read the forum. RGE staff and certain clients are able to submit comments to the original post as well as to comments on the original post.

Main post can be edited inline.

E-mail notifications are sent as requested to interested parties when a reply is received on a post or comment.


PHP and couchDB run on the back-end to store and fetch the data. The front-end code leverages jQuery. The notification system runs on node.js as a daemon listening the the _changes feed in couchDB.

Current state is stored in the URI hash as JSON for link-ability.

Inline editor uses contenteditable for wysiwyg awesomeness. Edits to the main post are submitted through an AJAX post to a webserver at /json/thoughtedit.

Front-end is functional all the way down to IE6

Link: The Forum

  • username: demo
  • password: abc123

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