Thomas Ross Hallock

My implementation of Tonobeb – a board game played with dice

Back in 1983, my uncle Bruce came up with a fun board game played with dice. My dad made a nice wooden board for it and Bruce got a write-up of the the game published in Gameplay Magazine. Fast forward to 2006 and I made a playable web version of the game; it was the first web application that I finished, and even now, I’m a bit impressed in using it. This pre-dates jQuery, so please savor the library-free hand-coded javascript ajaxy goodness. Without further ado, I present Web Tonobeb:

If someone else loads this page at the same time as you, you will be matched with them automatically. Alternatively, you can challenge a friend by e-mail.

I just open sourced Web Tonobeb on github; I probably won’t have much time to turn it into something that Yahoo games would want to acquire, but you might! Clone away!

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