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San Francisco timeline / skyline wallpaper

After looking at traffic coming to, I noticed that many of the requests were for a desktop picture that I made a couple of years ago. It’s a picture of the San Francisco skyline that fades from the olden days to 1971.

Here it is in 1440 x 900:

The original 1971 version is available on Brad Templeton’s website.

[update] After googling around a bit, I found this page. It offers a MySpace theme ready to copy and paste. Guess what the background image is? Guess whose server is being used to host that background image? Chances are that there are quite a few MySpace pages that are linking directly to this image, which would explain the steady hit-rate for this image that I’ve noticed over the past few months. I’m seriously thinking about telling my server to redirect requests from MySpace to something that’s not quite so G-rated :)

3 thoughts on “San Francisco timeline / skyline wallpaper

  1. vivek

    1) I wish this was in 1920×1200
    2) Maybe your redirect should be the original image with a large-font “brought to you by the sellery!” overlay.

  2. Armando

    Hey, we should add some photos to the sellery website and tag them with “austin ebay consignment store” etc. That way we can get visual results too.

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