Thomas Ross Hallock

moving and extreme downsizing

My lease is up on 8-June. By this time, I plan to have whittled down my immediate possessions to only include what is on the list at the bottom of this post.

In preparation for the move-out date, I will be getting rid of one significant thing per day. Today, I cleaned out my kitchen shelves and will be getting rid of most of my cookware and serving dishes. Make me an offer because they are going to Goodwill by the end of Friday.

So, blog, I am making a commitment to you right now that each day, I will make a post about at least one of my significant possessions (over $50 in value) that I am going to get rid of by the end of the day. If I don’t get any offers, I’m going to take it to Goodwill, or to consign on eBay through The Sellery, depending on how much I think it’s worth.

To keep score, this is what I plan to keep after I get rid of everything else:

  • bicycle
  • bike lock
  • laptop
  • laptop power supply
  • 7 changes of clothes
  • 2 pairs of footwear (leather shoes and sandals)
  • toothbrush
  • inflatable bed
  • sheets
  • plastic water bottle
  • phone and charging cable
  • digital camera and charger


2 thoughts on “moving and extreme downsizing

  1. adam gobot

    Wow, Thomas the Cyber Nomad. I think you’ll find that you’ll really only ever need the iphone and a clean pair of drawers.

    What will you do about your Toyota Previa? And, what about your 30″ LCD monitor? Can i have the latter before you take it to goodwill? :-)

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