Thomas Ross Hallock

Hallock Chemical Truck video and pictures

My great grandfather designed, built, and sold something called the “Hallock Chemical Truck”. I managed to get some video footage of one of their depression-era marketing campaigns. Click “read more” to see some photos.


2 thoughts on “Hallock Chemical Truck video and pictures

  1. joe

    Hi, I am a member of Farmington Township Vol. Fire Dept. We originally bought one of the Hallock Chemical trucks in 1916. We still have it too. We were able to take it up to Medina, OH last weekend and meet the Macy Hallock side of your family. It was very enjoyable to meet them. Acorrding to Tom Doyle (owner of Little Wiz fire Muesum) ours is the most complete one he has found. He has found 4 of them. 1. in Cali. 2. In NY state (lake Chatuagua) 3.the one he bought, originally form Fl 4. and Farmington’s.

  2. Timothy Hallock

    My grandfather was Thomas Powell Hallock, brother of Macy Hallock.

    My father was Thomas Powell Hallock, jr

    Timothy 386-788-7747

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