Thomas Ross Hallock

Tour of Ohio… moving from Ben’s house to Alan’s house… boating on Lake Eerie… gun museum… more.

I just got back moving Alan’s boat with him and Macy M. Someone accidentally filled the diesel tanks with 100 gallons of Gasoline the other day so it had to be drained and re-filled. We just went to move it from the filling station (or whatever it is called in marine terms), to another point on Lake Eerie, docking at Famous Dave’s restaurant, along the way for some delicious barbecue, over which we discussed the pitfalls of running a family business, and the necessity of passing the torch when the time presents itself.

Earlier today, after waking up to French toast at Ben’s house and packing my bags, I got a second tour of Ben’s company, FM Systems, in action. I shook hands with many people, then Ben put me to work liquidating some Panasonic phone systems on eBay. Afterward, I tried to implement an idea he had for their website, but that is still a work in progress. We went home for lunch where Macy picked me up and took me to Alan’s house, but stopped at the Log Cabin shop along the way to drop off a couple of 25 lb bags of lead shot. The Log Cabin Shop is a gun / book / general store, on the outskirts of Medina, which has a museum containing antique guns made in Ohio and many other artifacts. Macy has several of his guns on display at the museum and was quite excited to tell me all about them.

Yesterday Ben and Macy M took me on a tour of Cleveland. There was too much to talk about in detail, though I did record as much as possible on my voice recorder and filled up the remaining 60MB of space on my digital camera. High lights were a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a tour of the USS Coy WWII submarine, a visit to Bruce’s alma mater Case University, and an unplanned detour to the Monument on top of the crypt of president Garfield. I’ll post as media (pictures and audio) as I can when I have some more time and server space to prep it for the web.

I’m staying at Alan’s house tonight and for the next couple of nights. I’m going to try to do a longer ride tomorrow, on a route recommended by Alan. Back when he was 16, Alan rode his bicycle, along with Ben and a couple other friends, around Lake Eerie. Though he does not ride anymore, he knows many good routes around the Medina area.

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