Thomas Ross Hallock

Proving Grounds Road Race

in a nutshell:
A small group got up the road almost from the gun.
A larger group bridged up them and formed a strong break of 19 that began putting serious time on the peleton.
The main pack stayed together and was calm for the first 3/4 of the race, every once and a while, a small group would get up the road and either fall back or dangle out in no-man’s land.
Steen attacked shortly after the feed zone and was followed by one other rider.

What was left of the peleton split up in persuit of them. I found myself in a chase group of about 8 that joined Steen’s smaller group on the crosswind section after a half-lap chase.

In sight was a larger group, maybe 15, that seemed to be coming closer and closer. Our group worked hard to catch them. Everybody seemed to be working as much as they could. Steen told me that he might not make it to the finish, but continued to work anyway in an effort to keep the pace high. He seemed to be hanging on well and remarked that he would probably make it to the finish.

Attacks started as soon as our chase group merged with the 15 guys up the road, the attacks started and the group eventually split. I found myself out in no-man’s land in-between Steen’s group and about 10 riders up the road. I had to time-trial all through the crosswind and began to realize that I was probably going to catch them in due time. The pain was over as I met back on at the very end of the crosswind section. The neat thing about a good crosswind is that it spoils most of the effect of drafting, making the race just as hard for an individual as it is for a tight group.

At this point, there were 9 racers up the road, and I was feeling pretty good despite the chase I just put up. Attacks started again as we went through the hills and the group fractured. I found myself in a group of seven, and it looked like our places in the race were pretty well set.

Not feeling all that bad, I attacked near the end of the crosswind section and dropped two riders. Shortly we turned to ride on the finishing stretch on the MGA Proving Grounds track, I attacked again and dumped another two riders. I was now in a group of three, and situated to place somewhere near 20th place. Content with the way the race turned out, and not having much of a sprint or much of anything left, I let the two riders I was with ride away from me during the last kilometer and scored 20th place for the race.

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