Thomas Ross Hallock

Maritime Bay Classic Race Report

The Maritime Bay Classic, was the first event Eric and I did after arriving in Wisconsin.

I met Steen before we staged and was glad to see I had another teammate. The race started and all I could think about was making it to the front as quickly as passible. Last year, it took me a while to realise that it was easier to race at the front and I had a better chance of finishing if I stayed up there. It seemed like the race was easier than what I remembered from last year. I was able to easily get to the front, and was able to attack and stay away for a lap or two on a couple of occasions, but would always get chased down.

As the race progressed, the pack fractured several times, and often, a team would pick up the pace so fast that noone could change their position.

With about 20 laps to go a group of 19 riders got off the front and stayed there until the finish. With most of the money up road (prizes went 25 deep), they threw out a bunch of primes to keep the race interesting. There still seemed to be a lot of good sprinters left in the pack.

With three laps to go, there were a couple of racers between the main break and the pack. I tried to bridge up to them, and made it away from the pack for about a lap. With a lap to go, the rider who was following my wheel attacked, just as I ran out of steam and fell back to the pack. This rider was able to stay away and finish in front of the pack, while I finished 53rd. Warnsman finished 75th, and could swear I saw Steen come in 7th in the field sprint, but couldn’t find his name in the results.

Full race results

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