Thomas Ross Hallock

Superweek 2004

It’s been about a week since Eric and I left Austin for Superweek. Five races later, I’m finally getting around to doing some official updates.

For starters, the racing up here is super hard as expected, but unlike last year, I’ve been able to finish every race so far, and actually got in the money two days in a row (31st at Alpine Valley on Monday and 20th at MGA Proving grounds the following day).

If you want to tag along, check out my mobile phone blog for up to the minute updates. The mobile blog (or moblog) is a website I update with my cell phone usually when I’m driving back from the races. Because I update it with my cell phone, it usually contains numerous spelling, punctuation, captialization, and gramatical errors.

I’ll also be posting updates to the official race report section when I feel like doing a real write up. (Expect a write-up of the MGA Proving grounds race real soon now.)

I’m definately doing five more races before we leave after Downer’s Avenue, and might do even more if I’m feeling up to it.

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