Thomas Ross Hallock

SD to TX update 9-Jul-1998

Day Fourth Sidney, Nebraska

I am in Sidney, NE. We are nine miles away from Colorado. Our traveler and sometimes guide plans to leave in Dillon. He has been a great addition to my support crew. It won’t be the same knowing that I will have to manage all bike repairs once he leaves in Dillon.

Once again, the Public Library has served as a mid-ride pit stop. I still plan to put on another fifty miles on top of the sixty five all ready acquired today. Original plan was to do a double century today, but something like that requires a very early start or a very fast bike, neither of which I plan on obtaining on this trip.

Those equipped with a live connection, get a map of Sidney and surrounding highways through this web URL:

None of the possibilities presented in yesterday’s message of where the gang might stay overnight were acted upon. Of all places, we slept in the lawn of the mayor of Angora, NE. That might sound really cool and like something to tell your grandchippers about, but with a town population of only five, it’s a pretty good bet that the only person in town with a lawn would be the mayor. It still sounds like something cool. You may hear jokes about a city where one person puts on one hat when he wants to be the mayor and another when he wants to be the sherrif, but I’ve never even thought something like that could exist, but it’s real. At least I can say that I’ve slept in the smallest city in the world. Like yesterday about this time, nobody knows where tonight will be slept, except that it will be some place in Colorado. I’m looking forward to some geographical inspiration… i.e. a nice little road sign that says I made it clear across Nebraska and into Colorado. Dillon here we come!!!

The last time I saw Buffalo Dan was in Alliance, just after sending yesterday’s message. He thanked us in case he never met up with us again. He said he would see about staying in Angora, but probably didn’t even notice it as he rode by. He only expected to stay on rt. 385 until Bridgeport. It was fun while it lasted.

I must get back on the road if I want to make another forty miles before dark. It is three fifty five right now.

I hope everyone is enjoying these pitstops as much as I am.

… Tomazzo

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