Thomas Ross Hallock

SD to TX update 8-Jul-1998

Alliance, Nebraska

Day 2

As of right this minute, we are in mid-Nebraska. I am just taking a short pit stop at the local public library, so today’s ride is not over just yet.

Halfway through yesterday’s ride, I met up with another cyclist traveling to North Carolina. We expect to be with him until Northport, NE. He goes too slow to stay abreast with because he has about a hundred pounds of luggage to carry. He and I were talking and I found out that for one day, he had ridden with the Big Ride group. What were the chances of the two of us meeting up like that? I would like to ride somewhere neato solo or at least with a very small group of people sometime.

Last night we camped out at the local resovour for Chadron. Mosquitoes were terrible. Papa took a little “birthday” swim in the water if you know what I mean.

The weather has been great for the most part so far, with the exception of a really bad storm that threatened ro rain on us, but did no such thing.

It is thirty eight miles to Northport. That is where we plan to spend the night. Maybe we will stay at a campground, maybe in some ditch off the side of the road, or maybe in a motel. It depends on how much everyone needs a hot shower.

We have acquired quite a little gang of guys here traveling across the country. A plan for a father/son bonding adventure has turned into a sort of big ride spin off. We will probably loose all appendages by Denver, CO.

Just two miles outside Alliance, there is a touristy place called “Carhenge”. The name is rather self-descriptive, but is worth a photograph or two anyway. They say that it is anatomically correct to the real thing, although it’s asterological significance is probably somewhat debatable.

I look forward to many more adventures in the week and a half to come.

Look for more messages from Northport.


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