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SD to TX update 6-Jul-1998

(from here on, Gary and I have begun our own cross-country road trip, leaving the Big Ride Group behind)

day one of reality

Hi everyone. Ever since papa arrived in Rapid city, I have not had the time to do any email. He managed to find emails that were not sorted in the right, so I had much to catch up on. Thanks for the cool feedback.

Most kids are embarrassed when they are seen with their parents in front of their peers because they are so un-cool. But with papa, it seems to be the other way around. As soon as he came he had instantly befriended half the people in camp and orginazed a shuttle of about ten people to go down to Mt. Rushmore to see the fireworks in the previa. How lucky I am to have such great support.

Yesterday night was the first time I had actually seen Rushmore in real life. It was actually a bit smaller that what I had expected, but that may have been because the ampitheatre in which we watched the fireworks was so far back. A very good firework show nonetheless. I would like very much to go back and see the mountain in daylight. Maybe some other trip.

Today, we will try to go see the carving in progress, “Crazyhorse”. Papa says that Rushmore is “nothin’ compared to Crazyhorse” I don’t know much about it yet, but will report in detail afterwards.

Word got out that Papa and I were taking a van through Colorado and one of the bike tech people asked if he could come along as far as Denver. It sounds like a good deal, seeins that I will have free bicycle support for half the trip.

Love, Thomas

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