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SD to TX update 15-Jul-1998 Lamar, CO

Lamar, CO

We have finished our detour to see the Vorhees people in Dillon and have resumed the route which papa drove on his way up to South Dakota. I wish I could have cycled more in the mountains, but the roads were “too dangerous”, although a little downhill would have been nice every once in a while.

Yesterday, I got to peddle about sixty miles, and like most days, an earlier start would have permitted more cycling. The first part of yesterday was spent waiting for the entrance for the Royal Gorge to open. Papa got everything all packed in the car and drove off to see the gorge at sunrise all before seven o’clock. Gates for the gorge open at nine o’clock, so the whole GORGEous sunrise thing was out of the question, seein”s that the sun in this part of the country comes up at what seems like just a couple of hours after midnight, well at least for a Texan.

The entrance we first arrived at was the back entrance, so in an attempt to kill some time, we drove around the gorge, and into Canon city (NOT canYon). I cycled about five miles up to the main entrance. In this altitude, that is no small feat, by the time I got to the top, I was completely exhausted, but the reward was far greater than the punishment. Actually, the main tourist attraction is not the gorge itself, but a marvelous suspension bridge that spans the entire gorge. It is claimed to be the highest suspension bridge in the world, completed in 1929, but as to whether this record is for altitude, or in height over land was not explained.

There was a great downhill upon exiting canon city that went clear to the next city, lasting about eight miles. Downhills are usually just short and sweet, but this one was just sweet. It made me realize that I really need a new bicycle, as if felt like my wheels were about to fall off.

Have you every been peed on by a cow??? We almost did a few minutes ago! Definitely something to write home about that little incident was. We were driving down main street in Lamar, CO (where this message is coming from), and while approaching a stop light next a cow transport truck, I spotted a stream of water shooting out the side. At first, I thought it was just mechanical leakage from some hydraulic drainage thing, but then realized that the leakage was of a more biological source. Thanks to papa for his quick driving reflexes, or we would have gotten our first hot shower in about a week.

I’ve gotta get ridin’ now. We hope to make it to Springfield, CO this evening because rumor has it that there is a drive-in theater there. That sounds fun. There aren’t many more of those left in the world.


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