Thomas Ross Hallock

SD to TX update 12-Jul-1998 – Polygon Hello

Dillon, Colorado

Koert is showing us around the polygon headquarters. It is situated on the second floor of a bank. We got to Koert’s office and he
showed us around the poly website. They say it is due for a change very soon. Papa and I saw the “brain” computer. That was the scariest experience I’d had all summer.

This morning Koert, Connie, Beth, Papa and I all hiked up to Sapphire point.. the place where Hazel’s ashes where thrown over the wonderful view of Colorado mountains. We had a nice picnic and hiked around the mountain. In the afternoon we all went up Keystone mountain and had lunch. Elevation was about sixteen hundred feet. Neato-cool-wow!!!

I tried to send a message last night from Jacques’ laptop, but it crashed on me. So much for that. Papa did send a message though, so I guess y’all got a pretty thorough update as to what happened yesterday. What an exhausting time we had. until tomorrow.

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