Thomas Ross Hallock

Bid Ride Update 1-Jul-1998

Day seventeen
Eighteen hundred hours

It’s been hot and dry and wet here in Sheridan, Wyoming. My first day in Wyoming. It seems as if as soon as we got away from Montana, all the damn ‘skeeters disappeared. Yahoo! Actually, while on duty, things got so boring, I played a game with a friend to see who could get the most mosquito bites. Nobody scored!Gillette, WY is the next city. I’m hoping that things will pick up towards the end of my stay as they have already been doing so. My crew leader,
Harry, got dehydrated yesterday because he’s a workaholic. Poor guy. That’s why my job is so boring… he’s doing all the work. Today was more interesting because he was forced to stay put while the other guys on traffic control got to do something worth while today for a change. Actually, the most important thing I did today was arrange for some water do be delivered to a fellow crew member. But that’s still a change of pace compared to the last few days.

Did I ever mention that the guy driving the bus, “Leo” as he likes to be called, is a former competitor in the Senior Olympics? He’s only seventy6 and could probably outrun most of the cyclists here. Cool guy. I must like someone who takes the time to drive me and seventy other people across the nation.

Just to keep all those out of the loop up to date on some statistics… there are roughly seven hundred and thirty minus one cyclists here, accompanied by roughly one hundred and twenty crew. The “minus one” cyclist apparently got booted from the ride for ambiguous reasons. Technically, he was called an “unsafe rider”, but the validity of the premise on which he was kicked is somewhat questionable. It kinda makes me re-think the whole “community” thing going on here.

Once off duty, yesterday afternoon on Hardin was pretty fun. For a small town of about five or six thousand (statistics verified by a visit from the county sheriff), there was a kick-ass Olympic-size pool accompanied by an oh-so-cozy, bone-melting hot tub; a great escape from the sweltering, Texas-size heatwave endured by all yesterday. Once properly refreshed, I and about half the people from camp went to see “The Truman Show”. Although movies are not exactly hard-core vacation material, it was a well deserved treat; highly recommended.

I’ve been stocking up on fireworks for the fourth. Hopefully by that time I will have a really cool cross-country display for all to see, including a “Starball Contribution” one of the most ingenious fireworks I’ve ever seen. I was talking with some friends a couple of days ago. I said I was from Austin. Apparently, Austin is primarily known mostly for Lance Armstrong among the cycling community. I knew he was famous, but I didn’t know he was that huge. Papa, thanks for taking me to that race. A very cool experience.

Postcards… Sorry for the lack of postcards everybody. No real excuse there except that I’ve been having too much fun! I’m also trying to remember where I put my listing of all friends and family addresses. Will resolve shortly and catch up on messages tonight. Expect to see some leftover Seattle cards even though we are well on our way through Wyoming. It is kind of hard to get my paws on postcards out here in the desert. Will try though.

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