Thomas Ross Hallock

Big Ride Update 10-June-1998

Because of a significant lack of volunteers for rider support on the GTE Big Ride, and also because of a significant lack of funds for the American Lung Association of my behalf (roughly 1/6th of the required amount, which still totals roughly one thousand dollars), I have chosen to follow a “plan B”, which includes “crewing” for half the ride, precisely from Seattle to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. At which place and time (July 5th), I will rendezvous with my dad, officially depart from the GTE Big Ride, and begin a cross-country trek on bicycle back home. So instead of riding west to east, all bicycling will take place from north to south, a journey of unknown distance that will probably be more difficult due to coriolis winds, yet equally life-changing.

While crewing, I will send via e-mail, a regular dispatch to keep friends, family, sponsors, and a mixture thereof, informed of my daily adventures, current geographical location, the wondrous sightsand sounds, and basically, what’s going on.

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